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Project site for UVA's Spring 2020 Public Interest Data Lab, a core project of the CommPAS Lab

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The Public Interest Data Lab is intended to provide data science experience to students in service of the public interest. We have three goals:

Spring 2020 Project

Our spring 2020 partner is the Charlottesville Department of Social Services (CDSS) who wish to understand more about (1) the sources of referral disproportionality and (2) repeat referrals. This year’s work builds on the work from the prior to years on racial disproportionality and disparity in child welfare and foster care, addressing new questions prompted by that work and deepening our understanding. CDSS will use the results to determine what changes in practice will help minimize inequity.


Michele Claibourn Charlotte McClintock Brian Kim
Instructor, PI Project Manager, R Guru Project Advisor
mclaibourn [at] virginia [dot] edu ccm9yd [at] virginia [dot] edu bhk5fs [at] virginia [dot] edu
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